Katelyn Preston

Making dresses for the modern women with love in every stitch.

Look Your Best

Our desire is for you to look your best and feel confident in the most comfortable dress, no matter what the occasion is. Our dresses are made with the highest quality material and workmanship that provides you with the style and confidence you desire.

Our Story

Located in the Art district of LA, Katelyn Preston is born to make the most beautiful, functional, and comfortable dress for modern women. We believe that women should look their best, whatever the occasion may be.

Our Story

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Our Story

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Our Approach

It all starts with selecting the best quality fabric for the modern lifestyle. We believe the fabric should be soft & flowy and water & wrinkle resistant, making the dress easy to wear and feel comfortable. The dress is then designed and tailored with utmost care & love so that you get the best out of it. Be surprised with the most flattering fit in the market and functional pockets in every dress. Don't forget to check out all the prints and patterns picked from the world's best design houses.
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